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Fine Accoutrements Aftershave & Soaps

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Fine Accoutrements Aftershave & Soaps Reviews
Santal Absolut
Fine Classic Shaving Soap, Santal Absolut Great lather with an awesome fragrance.
Fine Classic After Shave, Green Vetiver Out of the four Fine Aftershaves I've tried (The other 3 being American Blend, Lavender, & L'Orange Noir), Green Vetiver if definitely the most "Classic", "Vintage", and/or "Barber Shop" oriented scent. One reviewer said it was similar to Pitralon Classic, which is why I bought it to begin with because I love Pitralon Classic. I can't really say It smells much like Pitralon Classic, but I still love it. It's long lasting, and a super value!
Very happy
Fine Classic Shaving Soap, American Blend This is a spicy scent which easily make a very rich later with nice cushion and excellent face feel and post shave residual
Fresh Vetiver
Fine Classic After Shave, Fresh Vetiver This is a great after shave splash. My better half loves this stuff and so do I. Sometimes it is hard to find. Would buy again.
Wait a Minute
Fine Classic After Shave, Green Vetiver My first time trying out Green Vetiver I had a moment of thinking this has no scent !

It took a minute but the fragrance kick in to my delight. Cool notes of citrus jumped started my long day ahead.
Amazing scent - great value
Fine Classic After Shave, American Blend This is the classic barber shop, with a great woodsy and leather scent. This one lasts all day, without making me grow tired of it.
Fine Platinum aftershave
Fine Classic After Shave, Platinum A great, classy, masculine scent, with just the right amount of menthol and not too much alcohol. It soothes and cools for a refreshing post shave feel.
Super duper and unique!
Fine Classic After Shave, L'Orange Noir I just love this product.

The orange scent is just killer, if that's your bag (citrusy products) it is mine.

I have several Fine aftershaves in the growing collection, and this is a real standout.

Lingers much longer than typical AS's, and creates a nice waffle every once in awhile throughout the day.

Someone asked if I was wearing Aramis the other day...

Nothing else quite like it out there from what I see.

Only a slight burn, and as with all the Fine AS's I've tried, a nice silky skin feel after it dissipates.

Standard for me as long as I can get it!
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