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Fine Accoutrements Shaving Brushes

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Fine Accoutrements Shaving Brushes Reviews
Fine Shaving Brush, Angel Hair, Red and White "This brush has been my go to brush. It has the the classic old school look with the modern performance of a great synthetic knot.
Well made. It is a
Fine Shaving Brush, Angel Hair, Red and White "Well made. It is a little softer than I would like, but it does not shed, and comes back to it original shape after drying
Most Excellent!
Fine Shaving Brush, Angel Hair, Red and White "I have a Omega silvertip, a fine badger from Vintage Blades, a Omega synthetic, and the red/white and black/clear handled Fine brushes. The Fines both perform the same. Of all of these, the Fines performance is outstanding in producing a lather. They also have the added benefit of quick drying, and do not hold any odors. The silvertip is probably the best performer, but has absolutely no backbone to it, so it's kind of floppy. It's also more than double the price. If you are new to traditional shaving, or are just looking to add to what you have, this is a must have. Super soft, performs great, and is very inexpensive for what you get. I'm surprised they are asking more for these brushes because they are that good. I'm glad I bought the black/clear one since it appears those are no longer available. The new black ones are all black. I introduced my son and son-in-law to traditional shaving, and bought them each a kit. It included this brush, because of performance, ease of use, and pricepoint.
Fine brush
Fine Shaving Brush, Angel Hair, Red and White I really liked this brush. It is soft but has enough backbone to handle hard soaps. The price is great for a brush of this quality.
Save the Badgers
Fine Shaving Brush, Angel Hair, Red and White.I was skeptical about the claim of rivaling badger for comfort and performance, but needed something for my to go kit what wouldn't get funky if put away wet, and the price was right. Glad I tried it, it's a great brush and it performs as claimed. Great lather, face or bowl, hard or soft soaps, feels really nice on the face. I recommend this brush without reservation.
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