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The Shaver's Gaurantee

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Lifetime Warranty on all West Coast Shaving (WCS) branded products.

Since 2007, West Coast Shaving has been in the business of helping people fall in love with classic wet shaving - first by sourcing amazing products and then by creating our own. WCS is committed to making sure that you have the best at your fingertips. And we are so committed to quality that we are now offering a lifetime guarantee on all West Coast Shaving branded products.

We want you to know that you can shop with confidence. When you see the WCS name, you know we are standing behind that product. If your razor takes a break (literally) or that shaving brush sheds a small dog's worth of hair, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Just contact our customer service and we’ll replace it at no extra cost. Exceptions apply*.

Satisfaction Guarantee on all West Coast Shaving (WCS) branded products

At West Coast Shaving, our products carry a satisfaction guarantee because we want you to love wet shaving as much as we do.

Online shopping is wonderfully convenient, offering a world of options at your fingertips, but what do you do when what finally reaches your fingertips isn’t exactly what you were expecting? Well, at West Coast Shaving, we want you to be so happy with your purchase that we will take it back if it doesn’t meet your expectations. If you are not 100% satisfied with your West Coast Shaving branded product just return it within 30 days and we will refund your purchase. Exceptions apply*.

Other Product Warranties

Many of the products offered by West Coast Shaving (WCS) include warranties offered by their individual manufacturers/distributors. All items in need of warranty support are the responsibility of the manufacturer/distributor, as specified in the conditions and time period set forth in the manufacturer’s warranty. WCS will assist you in any way possible to obtain service from any manufacturer, however, WCS is not liable in the event of the failure of the manufacturer/distributor to perform warranty service.

*Warranty does not apply to misuse or negligence and as noted below.
  • Poorly cleaned or maintained safety razors will stain or corrode. Dropped razors can break. Soap scum can build up causing clogging. Note: a DE blade can be exposed on both ends of the razor. This is not a defect.
  • Straight razors can rust is not kept dry or oiled (if storing). Blade will dull without proper stropping or honing. (All WCS blades come honed.) Razors can chip or break if dropped. Note: shavette blades are sharper than straight razor blades.
  • Shaving soaps and creams are packed by weight and settling may occur. Soap may separate from the container. This is normal. Color change from batch-to-batch is not always consistent and should be expected. Consistency varies from formula-to-formula. Scent strengths range extensively and should not be expected to last like a perfumer or cologne.
  • Shaving brushes CAN be expected to shed initially, especially animal hair. There is also an initial smell associated with animal hair that is normal and should dissipate after several washes or uses. Shedding after a month is not normal (unless from splitting hairs, which results in softer tips)
  • Aftershaves, balms, splashes, and colognes come in a variety of formulas. Check ingredient lists for allergy concerns. Alcohol-based splashes can be expected to sting/burn to a degree. If you have sensitive skin, consider a balm instead.