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Grooming Tools

If you've every tried to use a butter knife as a screwdriver, then you know the importance of the right tool for the job. Go beyond "making do" with these quality instruments.

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Having a good set of tools for all your grooming needs is essential. Good quality tools makes a huge difference in getting the job done properly and easily, whether you are trimming, plucking or cutting. Check out our extensive line of grooming tools including nail clippers, tweezers, scissors, nose and ear trimmers, callus removers and more manufactured by some of the top quality brands including Feather, Klhip and Tweezerman. We have everything you need to keep your entire face and body well groomed!

Grooming Tools Reviews
Premex nail clipper
Premax Nail Clipper this is a joke. It broke the second time I used it. Don't order--it seems like a ripoff to me. No value. Once not enough for that much money.
Premax clipper
Premax Nail Clipper Absolutely AWESOME! I have very thick toenails and seriously doubted that this would be able to cut them. I was shocked. I’m thinking of buying another to have an extra one on hand. I’m seriously amazed that it could cut through my nails, and with such ease!
Feather PaRaDa nail clippers
Feather PaRaDa Nail Clippers, Medium I was looking for above average quality to replace my old clippers and I found it with Feather. Very sharp (cuts cleanly), built solidly from top materials to last a long time. Also has a nail catcher feature so clippings don't fly everywhere. Glad I found this product.
Superb cuticle cutters!
Tweezerman V-Cuticle Nipper I can't guess why there have been no reviews on this superb cuticle cutter. I have been using Tweezerman cuticle cutter for many years and it the only tool that will cut my very thick cuticles that no amount of 'pushing them back' will push them back. At 80 years old, my cuticles still need cutting. The first pair I bought twenty years ago, I thought they were tweezers. So, when I tried to use them as tweezers on my eyebrows, it drew blood. So, this is how I got introduced to this product. It is very sharp! I soften the cuticle first, run the tip of the Tweezerman tip backwards to loosen the cuticle from the nail, then cut it off. I get a very clean cuticle remover with this product. Tweezerman will sharpen it for free. I keep buying new cuticle cutters and now, I have several to send in for sharpening.
So gpod that I will
Tweezerman Nose Ear and Facial Hair Scissors, Stainless So gpod that I will order a second one to put in9 my travel kit to make sure that I don't forget it when on the road.
Great Clipper
Premax Nail Clipper "Honestly, from a style & construction viewpoint this is a 5 star nail clipper. But I gave it 4 stars due to the lack of a file (a roughed edge on the back side of one of the long arms would do) & what appears to be a "weak" point - the hinge. Overall it's a very nice tool.
Premax Nail Clipper "JUST AS ADVERTIZED
no long nose hairs
Tweezerman Nose Ear and Facial Hair Scissors, Stainless "Better then a sharp pointy scissors or those weird battery operated things. Still trying to figure out how to help trim ear hair
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