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  • Stainless, steel, hand-crafted, precision aligned tweezers from Rubis
  • Elegant handle is perforated for beauty in form and function
  • Made in Switzerland

The precision of a watchmaker, the quality of a surgeon's knife! Experience the difference in Rubis tweezers. With their high quality surgical, stainless steel, precise edges, and perfectly aligned tips, Rubis produces top-of-the-line tweezers for cosmetic, hobby, and industrial use. 

The Classic Elegance tweezers combine form and function to bring you a beautifully simple, slanted tip tool. Like all Rubis instruments, the stainless steel is exceptionally strong to maintain its tension, exceptionally aligned to grasp its target, and exceptionally acid-proof/rustproof to endure sterilization.  The Elegance line has perforated handles for a firm grip and stylish line. 

The slanted tips make it easy to target those ingrown hairs and splinters. It works wonders on unwanted facial hair- or any unwanted hair. Since it is so precise, you experience less pain since you are grasping a single hair instead of multiple strands, or even skin. 

The company values form in function, beauty in simplicity, quality in efficiency. Their workshop in Switzerland provides the space for employees to be creative and inspired, as well as efficient. Originally Rubis made tweezers for watchmakers to insert rubies into their time-pieces. Now, they make dozens of practical but beautiful tools that you can have at your fingertips. 

Size: 3 ��__"� 

Made in Switzerland

Made in Switzerland