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Sheepish Magic
Mitchell's Wool Fat Bath Foam, Country Scent, 150ml Let the sheep bathe you for a change. Lovely scent -- not lanolin or that "smell of sheep" that your farmer friends always bring to the pub. It's mild, but used with a loofah it brings up a light lather and leaves a superbly clean feeling that lasts without any residual soapiness on the skin. Also, a little bit seems to go a long way. Treat yourself and let your shower time become spa time, in the midst of a green, flowing meadow.
Great but needs thicker viscosity
Billy Jealousy Fuzzy Logic Hair Strengthening Shampoo This is excellent shampoo with a nice scent. It makes my hair feel thicker and scalp a little tingly without being overbearing. My only complaint is the thickness of the shampoo combined with the container can lead to waste. It would be better in a pump container or a little thicker product. I use Jack Black shampoo and the two are comparable. Definetly worth a try and going into my rotation.
Good for finer hair
High Life Light Pomade This a very good pomade for finer hair. Pleasant fragrance and amazing hold. Nice sheen, not too greasy. Be warned though: this a real, petroleum-based pomade which will add volume but takes some work to wash out of your hair. Overall I love it.
This is a great soap - smells wonderful and lathers well too, but a bit pricey.
Provence Sante Liquid Soap, Bergamot, 16.9 oz "I bought this pump soap on a whim to try it since it was offered on sale here. Certainly it is a high quality product and smells great, made in France too! I would buy a couple of the other fragrance options too, but not really at full price. Maybe if this was in the $10-12 range regularly I would buy it regularly.
Great Tonic
Baxter of California Herbal Mint Toner "Great herbal smell and works really well on your skin. I have a oily skin and this tonic did a great job reducing the most prominent oily areas in my face. Great purchase!
Great hair care product
Baxter of California Soft Water Pomade "I asked the West Coast Shaving team for a recommendation and they were spot-on here. Baxter Soft Water Pomade is perhaps my favorite product of everything I've purchased here so far. I was looking for something with light hold; I keep my hair short, 2", so I don't need iron-clad control. I was hoping for a bit of shine, too, and something that would wash out with just water. That I got all of that plus great conditioning is almost too much to be true. It only takes a pea or a pea-and-a-half each day, so I think my jar will last four or five months
Great product
Jack Black Industrial Strength Hand Healer, 16oz "This is the best hand cream I have ever tried. JB Hand Healer is rich and thick but when applied works right in and absorbs nicely. It is not at all greasy. I am hooked.
Great product
DAX Cocokui 7.5oz "Great product
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