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Pomades Reviews
Baxter Clay Pomade
Baxter of California Clay Pomade Pros: Very good hold, no shine/natural look, smells amazing, it will last you all day, and only a small amount is needed.

Cons: It's just a tad too sticky/tacky. You'll feel a slight pull on your hair as you wanna use when your hair is mostly dry. But this is to be expected given the high hold it has.
Best Light For Side Parts
Murray's eXelento Pomade, 3.5oz I didn't want to like this at twice the price of Murray's Hair Glo, but with many products being far more expensive, I decided to try it.

This is fantastic stuff, it's one of the shiniest products I've used, giving your hair a nice healthy shine, and it's super slick. Hair Glo is also great in it's own right, but in hot weather it can get a bit 'soupy' and fall out of place. With Exelento, I've found the hold to be great, while being a great deal lighter than many other products. In hot weather it holds its own due to a lack of greasiness that's associated with Super Light & Hair Glo, and also washes out with ease, leaving a sheen for build up.

Overall, I can't recommend this enough. I stopped using Royal Crown because of the oil that appears at the ends of hairs, and I wanted something that was a step up from Hair Glo, and I can whole-heartedly say this is, in every way, the best light for side parts. Period.
Teddy boy
Anchors Hair Company Teddy Boy Original Pomade It's a great water base pomade it's not Greasy Medium+ hold on me easy to restyle. One of my favorite
Great price
Suavecito Pomade Strong/Firme Hold, 32oz can This was the best price I could find online that shipped to Canada.
Imperial greatness
Imperial Barber Products Gel Pomade It's pricey but works excellent
Size Matters In The Long Run
Suavecito Pomade Strong/Firme Hold, 32oz can This product is used everyday because it works.

It helps me achieve the look that I am after,

The 4 oz container is great for on the road.

While the 32 oz has a permanent location in the bathroom.

The value is not just monetary.

The product gives me the dependable look that I am after day after day.

One less thing to worry about in my personal grooming.

Thanks for everything.

No complaints whatsoever.
None better!
High Life Voo Doo Brew I Pomade, 3.5oz I've been a loyal High Life pomade user for 7 years. My hair is fine and I need a very heavy pomade to do what I want with it. High Life VooDoo brew is where I start as a base layer to get my hair under control for the next layer of High Life heavy. I finish with light layer of High Life Island brew for a great shine. The ladies love the style and the smell.
Good for finer hair
High Life Light Pomade This a very good pomade for finer hair. Pleasant fragrance and amazing hold. Nice sheen, not too greasy. Be warned though: this a real, petroleum-based pomade which will add volume but takes some work to wash out of your hair. Overall I love it.
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