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A good shampoo can really make a difference it how your hair looks and feels. Most shampoos that you find in your local drugstore are full of toxic ingredients and can be very harsh and act almost like a detergent on your locks. You won't have to worry about that with any of the shampoo you would pick up at West Coast Shaving. We carry many different brands from some of our top, well known suppliers that will get your hair squeaky clean without stripping it of its natural oils and leaving it moisturized. Depending on your hair type we also have some special shampoos that will help target things like frizz, or if you are trying to thicken up your locks.

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Shampoo Reviews
This is the real deal
Pinaud Clubman Country Club Shampoo Leaving it in for a long time produces clean and healthy-feeling hair. I sometimes skip a day which makes it a good value.
Pete B.
Pinaud Clubman Country Club Shampoo Enjoy this shampoo, aroma therapy for me. Hair feels good. Will buy again.
Mitchell's Wool Fat Shampoo, 150ml I really like this shampoo, leaves scalp and hair feeling clean and soft. A quality product as with all Mitchell products.
Good shampoo
Baxter of California Daily Protein Shampoo So far, I like the way my hair looks using this product. It also has a crisp aroma and doesn't require a large amount to get a good lather.
Perfect for a dopp kit
D.R. Harris Rosemary shampoo bar, 50g Use it at the gym after workouts. Great, mild smell and gentle too.
Great but needs thicker viscosity
Billy Jealousy Fuzzy Logic Hair Strengthening Shampoo This is excellent shampoo with a nice scent. It makes my hair feel thicker and scalp a little tingly without being overbearing. My only complaint is the thickness of the shampoo combined with the container can lead to waste. It would be better in a pump container or a little thicker product. I use Jack Black shampoo and the two are comparable. Definetly worth a try and going into my rotation.
Change my old Tres Flores Brillantine for the Pinaud Clubman Country Club Shampoo
Pinaud Clubman Country Club Shampoo "I'm and old user of Tres Flores Brilliantine, don't misunderstand me, Tres Flores is excellent product, but since this shampoo I do not see reason to continue using it. I have a very complicate afro hair, due to that, I cannot use long hair. However, short and every day Country Club Shampoo make the job.
Nice tingle
D.R. Harris Medicated Shampoo "Has a more medicated scent than the Golden shampoo but it isn't overpowering. Great product.
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