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High Life Hair Products Reviews
None better!
High Life Voo Doo Brew I Pomade, 3.5oz I've been a loyal High Life pomade user for 7 years. My hair is fine and I need a very heavy pomade to do what I want with it. High Life VooDoo brew is where I start as a base layer to get my hair under control for the next layer of High Life heavy. I finish with light layer of High Life Island brew for a great shine. The ladies love the style and the smell.
Good for finer hair
High Life Light Pomade This a very good pomade for finer hair. Pleasant fragrance and amazing hold. Nice sheen, not too greasy. Be warned though: this a real, petroleum-based pomade which will add volume but takes some work to wash out of your hair. Overall I love it.
First time using pomade, this
High Life Voodoo Island Pomade "First time using pomade, this product works amazingly
Voo Doo Brew Two is Exactly What I Needed!
High Life Voo Doo Brew II Pomade "This product allowed my barber, Straight Edge Steve, to talk me into a more edgy but classic hair style. My hair is pretty wild so I always kept it cut very short to keep it controlled. I got the Brew II Pomade since I have darker hair even though I never noticed an issue with the white High Life Pomade. Here's the end product of my awesome new haircut.
High Life Heavy Pomade by James C III
High Life Heavy Pomade "My barber, Straight Razor Steve, started me down the road to an awesome vintage executive style cut and bc my hair can go crazy wavy I needed a product with great styling hold. After trying some of the heavier petroleum based products Steve recommended High Life. Bingo! Great mix of hold and it doesn't feel like the product is in my hair for a whole week after use. Dax has nailed it with this product. If I start my own product line I'd like features like this product! Good work Dax. I'd love to add a pic as testimonial.
arrived fast!
High Life Heavy Pomade.arrived fast!
Great hold, great scent.
High Life Voo Doo Brew I Pomade.I have extremely curly, thick, naturally red hair, so styling can be a hassle. I tend to rock a contour or a slick back and this stuff does the job. Great scent as well. I definitely will be buying more of this.
High Life Pomade
High Life Heavy Pomade.Great product - Quick shipping!
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