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30% Off WCS Two-Tone Tall Shaving Brushes
30% Off WCS Two-Tone Tall Shaving Brushes
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  • How to Get the Smoothest Shave-West Coast Shaving
    June 13, 2022 West Coast Shaving

    How to Get the Smoothest Shave

    There is nothing worse than stepping out of the bathroom and feeling like you didn’t shave at all. Well, there are probably lots of things worse than that. . . but still, we want to prevent it. So what can we do to get the smoothest shave possible? Read on for some tips and tricks.
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  • Do Women Shave Their Face?-West Coast Shaving
    June 6, 2022 West Coast Shaving

    Do Women Shave Their Face?

    Ever heard of kao sori? It is a popular Japanese skincare custom of face shaving that is taking the internet by storm. The explosion of social media influencers and tik tok tutorials touting the benefits of facial shaving for women...

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