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Ingram Shaving Cream

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Ingram Shaving Cream Reviews
Awesome Shaving Cream
Ingram Lather Shave Cream I love this cream especially for the price! It is definitely worth a try for anyone who loves a bit of menthol in their shaves. I get a really creamy lather every time I bowl lather with it. You really can't go wrong with the price its at.
nothing special
Ingram Lather Shave Cream Tubes are easier to use than 'tubs', provided you have a mug/cup/bowl to mix it in; and it's relatively cheap, so you don't have much to lose if you want to try it...but the lather is kinda thin & weak. I like a cream that whips up into a thicker lather....yeah, yeah, I know--a lather doesn't have to be 'thick' to provide a good shave--but that's just my preference. If you don't mind a thin, weak, lather, you might like it.
Smooth shaves at a fair price
Ingram Lather Shave Cream First week with Ingram. Good lather, just needs alittle more product than say, Proraso. Nice menthol cooling effect. At this price, what's not to like?

We have many fine shave creams to choose. Not necessary to spend a lot for a reliable cream.
Not too shabby!
Ingram Lather Shave Cream "Decent menthol cream, gives a decent shave. Not the best, but a good everyday cream at a good price. Yes, I would buy this again.
service outstanding as always!
Ingram Lather Shave Cream.I am a long term customer and have always appreciated WCS. The Ingram cream is really super and is my fav shaving cream.
try some!
Ingram Lather Shave Cream.A little goes a long way. Very smooth and creamy. I would say my favorite shave cream.
You Won't Find A Better Cream For The Money -- Moisturizing & Humectant
Ingram Lather Shave Cream.It's hard to know where to start; I bought this cream after hearing about its loyal following and had heard of its remarkably good humectant qualities (post-shave) due to it's use of glycerin, lanolin, stearic acid, palm oil, citronella, etc.. The menthol with sweet soapy cream is truly a barbershop classic fragrance and gentle hints will linger after the shave and mellows perfectly with a classic aftershave -- like Myrsol or Floid for example. The menthol is of a very high quality -- not artificial-like but real menthol crystals are used in the formulation. The menthol is not stark but gently builds to a medium level and perfectly mixes with the rich lanolin and sweet cream hints of richness. Top-tier and at a price that is highly uncommon -- outstanding quality and value combined!
Ingram Lather Shave Cream.Ingram shave cream is one of my very favorite. I like it beter than any other Menthol shave cream I have used. It is full of Lanolin, leaving the face soft and smooth. The Menthol is just right and leaves the face cool,fresh and clean. An outstanding and most superior shave cream.
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