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Jeris Aftershave & Tonic

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Jeris Aftershave & Tonic Reviews
Jeris Hair Tonic without Oil, 14oz good value, cant find product any where else around here.
Jeris Hair Tonic
Jeris Hair Tonic without Oil, 14oz Feels and smells wonderful! Reminds me of the barber shop I went to as a kid.
old time barbershop smell
Jeris Osage Rub Professional Size perfect face conditioner pleasant old time scent. a must have
osage rub
Jeris Osage Rub Professional Size this is surprisingly good for the base thats in it. i usually cant use alcohol based aftershave but this is actually not bad on my skin (doesnt dry out my skin). the Scent is Super Strong. Which is nice now and then .But doesn't last forever so thats cool. it Clears ur sinuses out Too! lol also the eucalyptus is great for keepin bugs away if u go fishing alot and smells EXCELLENT. also u get alot for the price.Big bottle!
Jeris Osage Rub - Great Aftershave
Jeris Osage Rub Professional Size I grew up spending a lot of time in my grandfather's barber shop (he was born in 1892, passed in 1980). I will never forget the smells, primarily talcum powder, Clubman Aftershaves, and of course, Jeris Osage Rub. He would not only use it as an aftershave on his customers after a straight-razor shave, but also as a hair tonic after a military-style haircut. I started wet shaving three years ago when I found my grandfather's old barber equipment (clippers, straight razors, bowls, brushes, etc.) in a box in the garage. I soon ordered some Osage Rub from WCS, and boy am I glad I did. While I love the burn, freeze, scent, etc., it also brings back some incredible memories of my friends and I riding our bikes to my grandfather's barber shop after our little league games in late 1960's/1970s for haircuts, a peek or two at the Playboy magazines in the shop, watching baseball games on their TV, and of course, the great smell of Jeris Osage Rub. I wish i had re-discovered it decades ago. Every wet shaver owes it to themselves to put this product in their after-shave rotation.
Very nice burn to start,
Jeris Osage Rub Professional Size Very nice burn to start, then the cool blast takes over. You won't be disappointed.
Just what I was looking for
Jeris Osage Rub Professional Size This stuff is great. Once I quit wearing a ballistic vest I quit wearing aftershave. I didn't need the smell to mask the odor coming up under the vest. Then I found this stuff. It is not for the girls and won't make you smell good. In fact, my wife doesn't like it, but I do! It feels good on the face and the odor (a medicinal smell) wears off quickly. I wish I had discovered it the day I retired from the PD.
Great value and the smell
Jeris Hair Tonic without Oil, 14oz Great value and the smell is reminiscent of old school barber shop hair tonic.
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