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J.M. Fraaer's Shaving Cream

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J.M. Fraaer's Shaving Cream Reviews
Very Good Cream
J.M. Fraser's Original Shaving Cream I've used many top shelf soaps and creams over the years, but I must admit, J.M. Frasers is at the top for performance, post shave feel, and value. This cream lathers like no tomorrow, provides a slick protective cushion, and allows the blade to shave super close without irritation. The scent is a mild lemon/citrus type aroma that does not's not my favorite, but it's definitely not off putting either. I use this product the most out of all my other just works. My jar arrived with no leakage FWIW. Thanks WCS for offering this awesome product.
Puts other soaps to shame
J.M. Fraser's Original Shaving Cream Like some of the other reviewers, I've sampled quite a few shaving soaps over the years--and this stuff is the best! Just the 'quantity' alone makes it a better buy than other tubs of soap. It works into a good lather quickly (at least for me it does...); and it is easy to use way more than you actually need--that is why whipping it up in a mug or cup is essential. You can tell if you're using too much, by how long it takes to rinse your brush clean. If it takes a lot of water to get all of the soap out--you used too much. No shave soap can compensate for a bad blade, so use this with your favorite (best?) blade to really appreciate how much of a difference a GREAT soap makes!
Simply the best
J.M. Fraser's Original Shaving Cream "I have tried many, many creams, soaps, brusless shave creams, etc. Some are better than others of course and this is largely a subjective thing. J.M. Frazier is truly a unique product. I have never found anything to compare to this shave cream. Most creams and soaps start to dry almost immediately. This cream is the creamiest, thick, moisturizing shave cream anywhere. It lathers quickly and is thick. It has a gentle lemon scent-very gentle. It never dries your skin and it provides the best protection and glide for your razor. In my opion this is the best shave cream anywhere. I have other products I use for variety but I know they all can't compare to J.M. Frazier.
Superior in every way
J.M. Fraser's Original Shaving Cream "I've used most major brands of soap/cream, TOBS, Trumper, Proraso etc, and this is as good as any, better than most, and more economical to boot. In fact the product is so good I've been able to forego my usual preshave gel without compromising the quality or comfort of my shave. Yes, the packaging was slightly smudged due to a tiny bit of seepage, but in no way does it affect the product. I'm a very happy customer.
J.M Fraser's shaving cream
J.M. Fraser's Original Shaving Cream "Very fine lather, with a hint of lemon.
J.M. Fraser's Original Shaving Cream Perfect exsperance with the whole process!!!
Great shaving cream
J.M. Fraser's Original Shaving Cream.I just purchased my second tub of JM Frasier's shaving cream. If you're a first time user, you might notice it is harder to lather up. Use about twice as much water as you would with TBS. Its a thicker lather and protects better than any other cream I've used.
Awesome shave cream
J.M. Fraser's Original Shaving Cream.I have tried a number of shave creams in every way they are offered. I just tried this and I am extremely impressed. It has the best lather I have ever seen. It is also very lubricating causing the razor to glide easily over the skin's surface. It has a very delicate lemon scent which is very mild. Finally, the tub contains a lot of shave cream. I will never let my supply of this cream ever run dry.
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