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Kell's Original Shave Soap

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Kell's Original Shave Soap Reviews
Kell's Original Juniper Sage Shaving Soap, Ultra Aloe Blend
Kell's Original Juniper Sage Shaving Soap, Ultra Aloe Blend I received this shaving soap and the presentation was perfect, nice packaging.

After trying this soap several times I found that is lathers well and provides a good glide for the razor. The smell is fantastic.
Kell's Original Energy Shaving Soap, Ultra Aloe Blend "definitely energetic - really eye-opening, but pleasant aroma. nice thick lather. i have limited space so whipping it up in the tin is convenient.
Wake up and smell the Citrus!
Kell's Original Energy Shaving Soap, Ultra Aloe Blend "What a great product, love the aroma in the morning. Takes a bit of time to work up a lather but it''s worth it. Great glide for a close shave. I bought this for travel since it came in a tin with lid, but will use it on a regular basis.
Smells so good!!!
Kell's Original Vanilla Bean Shaving Soap, Ultra Aloe Blend "I love the smell of this soap, it's such a warm and comforting smell. This soap is also incredibly easy to lather, and the lather is long lasting. I will be reordering this soap when I run out.
awesome performance , label not so much.
Kell's Original Unscented Shaving Soap, Ultra Aloe Blend.size & convenience 10/10, performance 10/10 but the label/packaging was not very informative.
Good Lather, Very Mild Scent
Kell's Original Bay Rum Shaving Soap, Ultra Aloe Blend .The lather I made was good, it had excellent slickness and did not dry out after leaving it on my face for five minutes. The soap did take quite a bit of water to achieve the desired lather though. The scent is very mild; I had to almost touch the soap with my nose to notice any scent, and once I made a bowl of lather I could not detect any traces of the original scent. To my nose, it smells more of bay leaves and with the ever so faintest hint of rum/spice - I couldn't tell much beyond a sharp waft of something. Over all I would say it is a decent soap, the lather is good, but the lack of scent will keep me from purchasing it again.
Excellent masculine scent
Kell's Original Juniper Sage Shaving Soap, Ultra Aloe Blend.For the price point, this soap is a great buy. Excellent scent, very concentrated with wonderful lather-ability.
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