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LA Shaving Soap Co. Shave Soap

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LA Shaving Soap Co. Shave Soap Reviews
Great lather and scent!
L.A. Shaving Soap Topanga Fougere Shaving Soap L.A. Shaving Soap Company produces some of the finest shaving soaps available. It has fantastic cushion and glide. It is easy to build copious amounts of lather. Even though it is somewhat pricey, the tub of soap lasts a long time. Highly recommended!
No disappointments
L.A. Shaving Soap Santa Monica Bay Rum Shaving Soap This product lathers easily and helps to make for a 5 star shave. The scent is also very good which has caused me to order another variation of this soap!
L.A. Shaving Soap Vanilla / Eucalyptus / Mint Shaving Soap "The scent is vanilla and mint, that's it. Simple but pleasing. Lathers up easy enough and gives a very slick and easy shave. I definitely recommend it.
Decent Soap
L.A. Shaving Soap Woody Lavender Shaving Soap.This soap makes a slick, light, refreshing lather. The cushion is good with a DE razor. The blend of essential oils is well done, making a great spring or summer scent while shaving. I do find it more drying to my skin than the other six soaps in my arsenal, both vegan and tallow based. As a result, I don't use it as often as I would like to.
Great scent and lather!
L.A. Shaving Soap Myrkvior Shaving Soap.When I saw the name Myrkvior and description of the scent my Norse heritage mandated I try it. The soap has a mild sweet yeast smell with some earthy undertones. The scent fades quickly once you have finished shaving. However, like many soap scents it for you to enjoy while shaving and it sets your mood for the day, it is not designed to replace a aftershave or cologne. I was pleasantly surprised at the lathering capabilities even with using cold hard-water. The lather is extremely slick and soothing feel on the skin, I had no problem with the blade gliding across my face for a very smooth shave. I will purchase Myrkvior again and I look forward to try L. A. Shaving Soap in Bay Rum too.
Essential Oils Make a Difference
L.A. Shaving Soap Woody Lavender Shaving Soap.This stuff smells great. Granted, scent may be the most subjective part of shaving, but John Brown uses essential oils which gives Woody Lavender a more vibrant and immediate scent than a number of good soaps. The first thing you pick up is the spicy scent of woods, with the lavender coming on later as the base note. The lather is protective, slick and easy to generate. It is a soft soap, so I prefer to use an almond-sized dollop in a hot-water scuttle. It does not create the creamy lather of a tallow soap like Tabac, but creates a slightly lighter lather that leaves a more natural face feel, and it smells a LOT better. In comparison to a vegan soap like Catie??s Bubbles La Terre Verte, the scent is more natural and distinct. It even has the same edge in scent compared to the excellent Captain??s Choice Lime, and requires a little less fussing with water for optimal slickness. Of course, all four soaps yielded an excellent shave with no appreciable differences, but there is just something about that scent you should experience.
Bad Itchy Beard
L.A. Shaving Soap Beard be honest, when growing a beard it takes more effort to resist shaving it or trimming it then growing it out. Ive had my beard for maybe 2 months now and the worst thing is i suffer from beard itch especially at night and i just want to shave it all off but then the morning comes and im fine again :) alota people use beard oils, ive never tried them myself tbh, i had a look at all the essential beard oils listed on but can you recommend me which one will be the best that has been tried and tested for my sunnah beard? thanks
Love it!
L.A. Shaving Soap Bespoke #1 Shaving Soap.I've been a fan of LA Shaving Soap for some time, and was thrilled to see it carried at WCS. Stopped in a couple of weeks ago, and picked out the Bespoke #1, a favorite of mine. Soap lathers very well (I'd describe it as "creamy") and smells fantastic. Everything I want in a soap. Thrilled to see it on the shelf at WCS!
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