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Musgo Real Aftershave, Shave Cream & Soap

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Musgo Real Aftershave, Shave Cream & Soap Reviews
Did not make it into my rotation...
Musgo Real Classic Shaving Soap Nice scent, but I had hoped for more from this in terms of performance. I agree with the reviewer that has pegged this as a preshave soap that can be left on the face, but gone over with a higher loft, higher slickness shaving soap.
The best
Musgo Real Shave Cream, Classic, 3.4oz I have used a lot of different soaps and cream and By far the best ..
Tried and True
Musgo Real Shave Cream, Orange Amber, 3.4oz I have been a Musgo Real fan for about 7 years now. Product makes a dense, thick lather that has excellent lubrication as well as protecting the facial skin. The orange amber scent is wonderful, and when paired with the aftershave, makes for a lovely start to the day!!
Musgo Real Shave Cream, Spiced Citrus, 3.4 oz Best shaving ever. All Musco shave creams are the best
really love the smell
Musgo Real Shave Cream, Classic, 3.4oz I use the omega synthetic hi-brush and t&h DE razor with feather blade. I have use this product once and I really really love the smell I hope that I can find a cologne with the same smell too but I gave it 4 star because I find the protection of this shaving cream isnt really good or up to the value also i get few nicks from it and its not really easy to create a lather. Comparing with my first shaving cream since started wet shaving was t&h 1805 and I find it to be the best so far with perfect slickness, cushion and amount of lather.
Musgo Real Shave Cream, Spiced Citrus, 3.4 oz.I have used other Musgo shave creams and pre shave oil for some time. I find this to work as good as all of the other Musgo creams that I have used. I like the light fragrance.
Musgo Agter Shsve Balm
Musgo Real After Shave Balsam (Balm).This stuff left my skin cooled and refreshed, no greasy feel and completely calmed irritation
Good stuff!
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