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Musgo Real Bath & Grooming Products

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Musgo Real Bath & Grooming Products Reviews
Great Product
Musgo Real Glyce Classic Scent Oil Soap This is my first pre shave soap. It did an awesome job. I applied to face and put shaving cream over it for a real smooth shave. I use Taylor of old bond street shaving cream. The soap fits into an empty container, or I just sit it on the lid for a soap dish.
Musgo Scent Oil Soap
Musgo Real Glyce Classic Scent Oil Soap This is a wonderful soap. As suggested I used it prior to applying shave cream. I experienced a nice close shave. A little goes a long ways.
Great for coarse beards
Musgo Real Glyce Classic Scent Oil Soap Very effective pre-shave soap. Pleasant scent and a great value. Definitely would recommend to anyone with coarse beard hairs.
Dis Stuff Rocks
Musgo Real Men's Body Soap, Orange Amber, 5.6oz I like this---makes me feel manly in a manly way!!!
Best Pre-shave yet
Musgo Real Glyce Classic Scent Oil Soap I've tried oils, fair but not great. Than I got this and absolutely love it. I tried, as someone suggested, washing the face with this and leaving it on, works great. Washing, rinsing and rubbing it against the grain, as the professionals suggest, also works great. Finally, I really like the mild menthol feel it leaves on my face. I would suggest this pre-shave soap to anybody.
great stuff
Musgo Real Pre Shave Oil Smells good, not too strong. Razor glides great. I have really sensitive skin so I have to be careful so I don't get a lot of razor burn or bumps. So far so good. Very little irritation. Buy it, you won't be sorry.
Favorite Shave Oil
Musgo Real Pre Shave Oil.This is my go to shave oil. I have tried several others and I keep coming back to Musgo Real.
Musco Real, Spiced Citrus soap.
Musgo Real Men's Body Soap, Spiced Citrus, 5.6oz.Good scent that last and has a manly scent. Bar is large and last a good while .
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