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  • Styptic powder to stop bleeding from nick, minor cuts, and abrasions
  • Easy application with fingertip or cotton swab
  • Sting and irritation-free

Launched out of the famous Parisian perfumery, House of Pinaud, in the 1800s, the Clubman line of grooming products quickly earned their place as a staple in barbershops around the world. The dapper Frenchman adorning their label has long been a symbol of class and refinement for the polished gentleman. Although acquired by American International Industries over 30 years ago, Pinaud Clubman still offers exceptional men's grooming products like Pinaud Clubman Nick Safe Styptic Powder.

Even the most veteran wet shaver can have an off day. And when those nicks and scraps appear, having styptic powder available is a no-brainer. 

  • instantly stops bleeding from razor cuts, nicks, or abrasions. 
  • sting and irritation free 
  • speeds the healing process 

This powder can be easily applied with a moistened fingertip or cotton swab. The active ingredient, aluminum sulfate, has been used for centuries. As an astringent, it tightens skin and aids in healing. As a styptic, it contracts tissues and stops bleeding.

Tissue stuck to your face doesn't say refined or gentlemanly. Lose the scraps of t.p. and look to Pinaud Clubman Nick Safe Styptic Powder. 

Size: 0.25oz

Made in the USA