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Omega Grooming Products Reviews
quality is perfect . a
Omega 27mm Chrome Shaving Brush and Razor Stand quality is perfect . a little short for my brush
Omega 27mm Chrome Shaving Brush and Razor Stand The very best stand i've ever owned
Little sting, big relief
Omega Alum Stick This omega stick really is easy as pie...just unscrew when you get a little rushed and nic yourself, and let the alum do its thing. It also seems like it will last a LONG time
Great when I have a
Omega Eucalyptus Shaving Cream in Tube Great when I have a brush wet and ready to start shaving. But I needing to add a new blade after several days and already I was already lathered up and it seemed to dry out rather faster than I had thought setting on my face while changing blade.
Great Hairbrush, highest quality.
Omega 27mm Chrome Shaving Brush and Razor Stand I couldn't be happier! Great merchandise and great service.
Great product
Omega Alum Stick I've used styptic pencils all my life, but have been wanting to try an alum block. I thought this one was a good try because of the size, shape, and packaging. It works great, and I'm loving the holder with screw on lid. Perfect shape for following the curve of your face, or even applying to underarms if you want, but I've yet to try it as a deodorant; I use coconut oil for that. Very pleased with this product from Omega, whose shaving cream I'm still itching to try.
Awesome Stand
Omega 27mm Chrome Shaving Brush and Razor Stand "My Omega 10066 Boar Shaving Brush fits perfectly and so does my Maggard MR7 handle. The West Coast Shaving chat window was helpful in confirming my shave products would fit this stand before placing my order. Very small foot print saving counter space.
Great Product, Great Price
Omega Eucalyptus Shaving Cream Soap in Bowl "First time trying wet shaving, I didn't know what to expect. I purchased a Muhle R89 and the Omega Eucalyptus Shaving Cream Soap in a Bowl. The combination has been the best and closest shave I have ever felt. I strongly recommend West Coast Shaving for any shaving needs. I know I am :).
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