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Open Comb Razors

Open Comb safety razors allow more blade to be exposed to the skin.

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Open Comb Razors Reviews
WCS Midnight Collection Razor 78B, Black Stainless Steel, Open Comb Fantastic razor. The open comb isn't as aggressive as I expected it to be, which was a polite surprise since I use either Feather or KAI blades. On that, the blade is slightly more exposed than I typically prefer, but I still haven't nicked myself once. As a military member, I have to have a very neat shave on a daily basis, and this does the job very well. I now frequently recommend this series to anyone who seems interested.
I was cautious about an
WCS Classic Collection Razor 175S, Stainless Steel, Open Comb I was cautious about an open comb razor. Fear not it delivers an extremely close, smooth and safe shave.
More aggressive update
WCS Classic Collection Razor 78S, Stainless Steel, Open Comb This razor is a good inexpensive way to try a more aggressive razor. Again, manufacturing tolerance is not that of a Mercur, but no problems. Heafty solid stainless handle and chrome comb. Definitely more blade contact than closed comb Mercur 1904.
More aggressive
WCS Classic Collection Razor 78S, Stainless Steel, Open Comb I have only shaved with a Mercur 1904 closed comb. I wanted to try an aggressive razor; longer lasting shave. I shave every other day. This one is definitely more aggressive than the safe Mercur. The manufacturing tolerance is better on the Mercur; do not think much consequence to this. You get what you pay for. I have yet to tell if I will get used to the aggressive blade contact. I have been a feather user exclusively.
Fun razor!
WCS Classic Collection Razor 110S, Stainless Steel, Open Comb I like this razor. It's very heavy, and it's a bit aggressive, so you have to pay attention when you use it. But that's a good thing. It's like driving a stick shift rather than an automatic. It's fun to drive a stick, even though it's easier to drive a slushbox. If you pay attention with this razor (and it's really not that challenging), you can get an excellent shave--and you'll enjoy the process!
Great quality
WCS Classic Collection Razor 88S, Stainless Steel, Open Comb Love this razor. Very close shave. Not a cheap lightweight razor. Very well made.
A good buy.
WCS Midnight Collection Razor 77B, Black Stainless Steel, Open Comb Bought this as my first open comb razor. It is noticeably more efficient than my Edwin Nagger or any of the vintage razors I have. At 77g this is far and away the heftiest razor I own, I really like the heft of this razor which to me speaks of the quality and craftsmanship of this razor. The powder coat finish makes it unique in my small collection among a sea of shiny chrome and nickel finished razors. The handle is a very classy design, and gives the razor an old school feel. As far as grip I'd say it's excellent even in wet soapy conditions. All in all for the can't go wrong.
WCS Midnight Collection Razor 175B, Black Stainless Steel, Open Comb I have been a safety razor, wet shaver for over 20 years. I can say without a doubt that the WCS Black 175B, Stainless Steel, Open Comb razor is the best I have ever used! I thought the open comb and weight of the razor would be a problem, but turned out to be nothing short of spectacular. This razor cuts through hair with ease and gives you a close, comfortable, no irritation shave every time. The shave is like no other I have ever experienced in that my face and head are smooth with absolutely no irritation. I am an African-American male who sports a shaved head and face, and I strongly urge others to try this razor. Be aware that when uing this razor, you need not apply any extra pressure when shaving. LET THE RAZOR DO THE WORK. For the money, or otherwise, it can't be beat. I will never buy another razor for life.
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