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15% Off All Edwin Jagger Products Use Code 15OFFEJ

Abraham Villela Bio – West Coast Shaving

Abraham Villela has been a wet shave enthusiast for over seven years. As a youth minister and working in a professional setting, Abraham needed to shave every day to keep up with the professional environment. He began to realize that with every shave, his skin was getting chewed up and full of redness from the irritation from the modern cartridge razors. Moreover, he noticed that Cartridge razors would only last a handful of shaves and was spending over $60 on just cartridge blades alone. To quote on the modern-day Sage, Marie Kondo, this shaving thing did not spark joy. While researching other cheaper alternative to the expensive modern shaving regiment that was available at the time, he discovered wet shaving at the beginning of its modern-day revival.

He started with a Chinese straight razor from eBay and a puck of Le Piment De La Vie from Catie’s Bubbles. After 30 consecutive straight razor shaves, he began to see he was getting closer and irritation-free shaves.  Shaving went from being a chore he dreaded to something he was now enjoying. Over the last seven years, Abraham has been an expedition to try every shaving soap company and every type of shaving razor available present and past.

Not wanting to keep this great discovery to himself, he began to tell others and slowly began to PIF (Pay It forward) products and razors to family and friends. After seeing the growing interest of wet shaving others were starting to have, he decided to host a Wet Shaving Meet Up in his hometown of Riverside, CA at a local brewery. The first meet up brought together over 50 wet shavers and a few artisan shaving companies.

Due to the recent resurgence on wet shaving, many hobbyists/enthusiasts formed Facebook Groups to share their experiences with the latest and greatest of shaving.  Along with another fellow wet shaver, Jared (now WCS employee), he helped launch Live Shaves. Live Shaves offers the shaver a real-time interaction with other enthusiasts and even the artisan of the product they are using.

Abraham joined West Coast Shaving in 2018 and began the work on producing content. His knowledge of wet shaving can now be found on West Coast Shaving's website, social media, and YouTube channel. If there is a new wet shaving brand or a new Safety Razor, chances are Abraham gets the opportunity to use and review before it is available to the masses.