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30% Off WCS Shaving Scuttles, Bowls, and Stands!
30% Off WCS Shaving Scuttles, Bowls, and Stands!

Environmental Policy

We are intent on reducing our environmental impact without impacting costs to our customers.

At West Coast Shaving, we believe in continual improvement, and that applies to reducing our consumption of resources. We do not publish a paper catalog and aim to keep our systems electronic to save paper. Our heating/cooling system and lighting is scheduled to only be active during working hours.

All our products are in new packaging from the manufacturers, but don't be surprised if you receive packing material that has been reused. If in good condition, we will often use boxes again and we will always reuse packing peanuts and bubble wrap. When we have to purchase new peanuts, we buy only biodegradable options. We always look first to previously owned items for office furniture, computer equipment, warehouse supplies and more.

When we can't reuse, we try to recycle wherever we can. Many of our suppliers use packaging with a minimum percentage of recycled materials.

Not only are we being good stewards of our earth, you'll find many of our practices help keep costs down at West Coast Shaving!