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12 Days of Christmas Daily Deals! Day 7: $15 WCS Aftershaves Splashes
12 Days of Christmas Daily Deals! Day 7: $15 WCS Aftershaves Splashes

Press Coverage | West Coast Shaving

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12 Cutting-edge Products for the Perfect Shave, Maxim, February 2018 -  HIghlights our West Coast Shaving Tortoiseshell Collection Torch Shaving Brush. 

Shaving stick producers intensify battle for consumers’ patronage, Vanguard, 2017 .Highlights the Merkur 34D safety razor sold by West Coast Shaving.

Hazelwood homeowner upset following package theft, deliver driver’s careless actions, Fox News 2 Now, November 2017Highlights WCS customer service when a customer's package from West Coast Shaving was swiped from her porch.

West Coast Shaving Unveiled New Shaving Brush Collections, Lux Expose, October 2017 -  Highlights the launch of West Coast Shaving branded shaving brushes.

West Coast Shaving Releases New Shaving Brush Collections, PR Newswire, October 2017Highlights our branded shaving brush collections.

What Is The Best Shaving Cream? An Update, Sharpologist, September 2017 - Highlights West Coast Shaving as a distributor of "best shaving creams".

West Coast Shaving Release a Line of Vintage Safety Razors, PR Newswire, September 2017 - Highlights the release of West Coast Shaving's brass safety razor line.

Shaving Essentials, Maxim Magazine, August 2017 - 

New West Coast Shaving Shave Soaps, Sharpologist, July 2017 - Review of West Coast Shaving's shaving soaps.

West Coast Shaving Launches Shaving Soap and Aftershaves With Cologne Aromas, PR Newswire, June 2017 - West Coast Shaving announces a new line of shaving soaps and matching aftershaves with complex, cologne-like aromas. 

West Coast Shaving Brushes, Sharpologist, May 2017 - Review of West Coast Shaving's shaving brushes.

What's a Safety Razor, and Should I Be Using One?, Racked, May 2017 - Archived. Interview with West Coast Shaving regarding women and wet shaving.

Shaving 101 – How Much Cash Should You Drop On Shaving?, Sharpologist, May 2017 - Highlights West Coast Shaving a source for your wet shaving gear.

West Coast Shaving Launches New Line of Shaving Brushes, PR Newswire, March 2017 -  Press release on West Coast Shaving's line of shaving brushes.

West Coast Shaving Razors, Sharpologist, December 2016Highlight of West Coast Shaving's Stainless Steel safety razors.

Shaving On The Cheap, Sharpologist, November 2016 - Highlights West Coast Shaving has a purveyor of wet shaving goods in all price ranges.

West Coast Shaving Introduces "Quite Possibly the World's Greatest Shave Soap", PR Newswire, November 2016 - Press release of West Coast Shaving's shaving soap

West Coast Shaving Launches Revolutionary New Line of Safety Razors PR Newswire, November 2016 - Press release of West Coast Shaving's safety razors. 

Blades Bounce Back, Play Boy Magazine, August 2016 -

West Coast Shaving Selects Warwick Fulfillment Solutions, Warwick Fulfillment Solutions, July 2016 - After vetting several companies, West Coast Shaving selected Warwick Fulfillment Services as its new fulfillment partner. 

Here's what politicians would look like if they grew beards, Mashable, November 2015 - Fortunately, the creative facial hair experts at West Coast Shaving have imagined such a thing for you! 

What Our Fixation on the Beard-and-Man-Bun Combo Really Says About Us, MIC, July 2015 - survey sponsored by West Coast Shaving recently reported on male grooming trends over the past 10 years..

Here Is Every Grooming Tool You Need To Shave Like Don Draper, Huffington Post, May 2015 - Highlights WCS as a source of grooming gear to shave like Don Drapper.

Most Women Hate the Man Bun, Yahoo News, May 2015 A survey sponsored by West Coast Shaving reports on women's view of the manbun.

Most women won't date a man who wears a bun in his hair...and just 2 per cent find mustaches attractive, Daily Mail, May 2015 - Highlights West Coast Shaving's survey about manbuns.

How to Pick A Shaving Brush, Barron's, April 2015 - Highlights West Coast Shaving as a source for men's shaving brushes and more.

The face of rock: What 30 legendary bands would look like if they were merged into one, Daily Mail, April 2015 - Highlights West Coast Shaving's unusual project to merge 30 legendary rock bands.

Research Shows Beards May Have Impact On NFL Performance, CBS Local, November 2014 - Highlights West Coast Shaving's research on bearded quarterbacks.

Chiefs are tops in the NFL — in players with facial hair, Kansas City Star (Blog), November 2014 - Highlights West Coast Shaving's crunch of the numbers on facial hair stats in the NFL.

Ictus Strategic Marketing Podcast, September 2014 - We've come a long way, baby. Founder of West Coast Shaving, John, was interviewed on this marketing podcast and told the story of West Coast Shaving's humble beginnings. Listen here and learn something new about us!

Recoil Magazine, July/August 2014 (Issue 13) - We were featured in their article titled "Straight and Narrow" about our most popular straight razors.

Emma Magazine, Summer 2013 - We were featured in their Father's Day gift guide for the Izola Dopp Kit, 1919.

Mod Infusion, April 2012 - Mentioned on p. 29 of their Almond issue about the wonderful almond-scented products we carry. - Andy Tarnoff has been documenting his entry into wet shaving and mentioned West Coast Shaving in his latest article. It's great to get inside the mind of someone new to traditional shaving.

Chicago Tribune - We were mentioned in an article by Gregory Karp about the cost savings of DE shaving. This article, and some variations were republished a number of places, including The Journal Sentinel.