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Piccadilly Promotion

This Piccadilly Shaving Co. set includes a full size Piccadilly shaving cream tub and a handmade pure badger Piccadilly shaving brush, delivered in a branded black gift box. The Piccadilly Shaving Co. is a great brand that makes quality product, and we are proud to be able to bring this deal to you. Limited number available. Discount will show up in your cart. USE CODE: PICCADILLY

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Piccadilly Promotion Reviews
Very nice set
Piccadilly Shaving Co. Gift Set, Sandalwood This set gets an A+ on presentation. Very nicely packaged so perfect for a gift for someone that you really like. The brush although high quality is a bit on the small side. It works very well though. What impressed me about the brush is that it smells good right out of the box! I expect it will just keep getting better as it blooms. I haven't used the soap yet so can't comment on the lather. It smells terrific though.
Very Nice Set
This is a very nice set and a good gift to someone special or for yourself . Piccadilly Sandalwood shave soap is my favorite and has a very nice strong sandalwood smell that beat's all the other brand's out there. I have been using this soap for over 2 year's now and it will always be number one with me. I have been shaving for over 50 years now and never have I experienced any soap as good as this. If you like sandalwood and want a top of the line soap then this is the one to get . The badger hair brush is nice and soft and a very good one also. This set is a great bargain . Do yourself a favor and get one while they last.
very nice package
Piccadilly Shaving Co. Gift Set, Sandalwood "great price! excellent high end shave cream, was a bit disappointed that the brush was not bigger, but a very good value anyway!
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