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Pitralon Aftershave

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Pitralon Aftershave Reviews
Pitralon Aftershave Splash
Pitralon Aftershave Splash, Swiss Pitralon Aftershave Splash
great stuff
Pitralon Aftershave Splash, Classic West Coast Shaving delivers again with Pitralon Classic aftershave splash. The scent is smooth almost lemony and incensy after it settles in. It lasts much longer than the Swiss made Pitralon which I love but it only last a few minutes. I love getting after shaves from WCS because they are unique and unlike those stinky expensive brands they sell at the mall that all smell the same. If you like having a unique scent this is a good choice, not sweet not musky but manly without being macho like some overly perfumed disco dude in the 80s .
Pitralon Aftershave Splash, Swiss "Nice aftershave. Enjoy it.
A+, Top Shelf!!!
Pitralon Aftershave Splash, Classic "Just got a WCS shipment in today, and Pitralon Classic was the first one I tried. I am not disappointed at all! I love the complexity of this fine aftershave, and was surprised at it's longevity. Subtle, but long lasting. I would also like to add that I love the "Art Deco" shaped bottle! Highly recommend!!!
Pitralon Aftershave Splash, Classic "I just received this after shave. Excellent on the skin, good price. Fragance does not last long, but it's a great fragrance nevetheless. I recommend it.
Pitralon Aftershave Splash, Swiss "I really like the smell of this after shave although I wish it lasted a tad longer. it's not sweet or crisp , it's almost flowery while still being masculine.
Awesome stuff!
Pitralon Aftershave Splash, Classic "I've only had this for 24hrs now. Man I LOVE this stuff!!!! It is similar to Fine's "Green Vetiver," but uniquely different and overall "better" as well. It has an slightly increased citrus flower tone to it, but is noticeably strongest with the scent of a "Forrest, pine tree " overtone. It feels very cool on the face and makes a great aftershave for razor burn relief. I will put this in my rotation and use it during the fall and winter seasons. I like it better than my Swiss Pitralon which has a more rose/carnation flower scent and is better suited for spring/summer months. I believe this German Pitralon is in my top 5 favorite aftershaves now!
great aftershave
Pitralon Aftershave Splash, Classic grabbed this because i wanted to try something that seemed a bit different and i'm glad i did. great product with pleasant scent especially once on the skin. very soothing properties and leaves the skin smooth-it is basically just as advertised. combine those great features with the size and price and this is a steal. very masculine scent. try it out, a must have for the rotation.
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