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    • Traditional lathering shaving soap
    • With saffron extracts
    • Scented with green apple & black fig  

    Abbate Y La Mantia is an Italian-based, family run business located in the beautiful Maremma countryside near the knee of Italy's boot. This Tuscany region and these artisans are producing exceptional saffron. They are not simple adding saffron to scent their product, rather their actual recipe is based in saffron – saponified saffron, if you will. Check out their grooming requisites.

    Saffron has been used for centuries in dyes and cooking, figures prominently in Greek mythology and ancient writings, and as recently as the 19th century was considered a stimulant for libido and a cure for infertility. But all whimsy aside, it IS known for its carotenoids (fights free radicals to slow cellular ageing) and vitamins B1 & B2 (beneficial for the metabolic and immune systems). So it is included in all the products of Abbate Y La Mantia.

    This shaving soap uses an original recipe containing the extract of active ingredients from the pistils of saffron. Additionally, butters and oils combine to create a phenomenal lather. Along with the saffron, they have added apple juice into the saponification process. It creates a particularly creamy, easy lather.

    The aromatic notes of this fragrance are green apple (mela verde) and black fig (fico nero). The apple (noted for treachery) and the fig (noted for virility) combine in this fruity aroma. Isaac Newton might have found this an appropriate use for the offending fruit.


    Made in Italy

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