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    • All-natural beard oil from Abraham's
    • Made with argan oil for conditioning and moisturizing
    • No harsh chemicals or animal testing


    Beards are popping up everywhere - from the red carpet to the pitching mound - they are taking the world by storm. But there is a fine line between epic and ewww! Make sure that your beard makes the statement you are looking for with Abraham's Beard Oil, Fragrance-free.

    Every beard grower needs a good beard oil. And before you insist that putting oil in your beard sounds like a bad idea, take a look at all the benefits. First, Abraham's beard oil has argan oil, long known for its fast-absorbing, moisturizing, conditioning properties. It softens your hair, making it silkier and shinier. But it doesn't stop at your hair. Second, a good beard oil nourishes the skin underneath. If you are struggling with itchiness, flakes, and irritation (and what beard wearer doesn't?) then a beard oil is your best friend. Work it into your skin for hydration, nutrients, and soothing. It can battle split ends and frizz. It can reduce acne and in-grown hairs. . .The list goes on. It can even be used as a pre or post shave oil when a clean shaven face calls.

    Abraham's Beard Oils are all-natural, without harsh chemicals or animal testing. And this version is fragrance-free so you can still apply your favorite EDT or cologne without concerns about it clashing. And sometimes a scented oil that close to your nose is off-putting. So grab this grooming essential. A faint tea-tree oil fragrance may be apparent on application but dissipates rapidly.

    No shave doesn't mean no groom. Keep your chin rug healthy and controlled with Abraham's Bear Oil, Fragrance-free. Also available in a larger 1.5oz size.

    Size: 1/2oz.

    Made in the USA

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