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12 Days of Christmas | Day 7: $15 WCS Aftershaves
12 Days of Christmas | Day 7: $15 WCS Aftershaves

Abraham's Men's Products Premium Beard & Shave Oil

Sold out
  • Oil for beard or pre-shave
  • Loaded with nourishing ingredients
  • Choose fragrance from the dropdown menu

Abraham’s has long been known for products that keep your beard in fine style. But these products are so good they can’t be kept just for the full-growth among us. Many of their products are multipurpose and can be used for times of shaving and times of not.

This beard oil is great for nourishing the growth on your chin. Beard wearers know the trials of itch, irritation, flaking, and more while they are growing out their chin cushion. That is why beard oil is so important. It moisturizes and nourishes both of the hair and the skin beneath. Speaking of the skin beneath, this oil also makes an exceptional pre-shave oil when you are going the clean-shaven route.

Abraham has launched a line of fragrances in their “Premium” range that are classic, complex, and utterly delightful. Choose from one of seven fragrances in the dropdown menu.

  • Fragrance-free: No added fragrance.
  • Acqua Forest: “Water Forest”, green, woody, earthy aroma
  • Il Rubicone: Masculine aroma of spice, leather, musk.
  • Tobacco Celeste: “Heavenly tobacco”. A rich, decadent aroma
  • Vincitori Della Vita: “Winners of Life”. This classic aroma has citrus, floral, and a deep base.
  • Vetiver Del Re: “King’s Vetiver”. This royal aroma has citrus and floral in the top and a base of warm woody notes.
  • Rose Di Roma: “Roman Rose”. This elegant floral aroma is kept masculine with an incense rich base.

Size: 1.5oz