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    • Luxurious cedar scented bar soap from Acca Kappa
    • Good for all skin types
    • Made in Italy

    The Acca Kappa Cedro (Cedar) Bar Soap is ideal for those prone to irritation because it is free from harsh chemicals. And because only high quality vegetable-based ingredients go into each bar, you can be sure that this soap will not dry you out. What's even better with this product is that it is ideal to use on all skin types.

    The woodsy scent complements every man all the time, as it appeals to their general nature; neutral and laid-back. That being said, the scent is not too strong, but lasts long - no need to apply cologne! It's especially perfect to use during the winter time to make you feel warm and relaxed without having dry skin. It can be used day or night; just lather in the bath or shower and apply liberally all over the body, and you will instantly feel refreshed and your senses awakened and rejuvenated to start or end your day.

    Size: 3.5 oz.

    Made in Italy.

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