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    Are you tired of feeling like your hairbrush is causing damage every time you use it? Worry no more! The Acca Kappa Club Hair Brush is a must have for anybody out there who aspires to be tangle and hassle free. It features an ergonomic and sturdy handle made with Kotibe wood and pure boar bristles that massage your scalp, stimulate your tresses from root to tip, and distribute natural oils for that shinier, smoother look. And it looks great while doing it. White boar bristles tend to be softer than the black, giving you a gentle, massaging experience every time you brush your hair. Say hello to a healthy, silky shine with each stroke!

    Regular plastic brushes tend to cause damage and irritation. Nobody wants that! With this product, you will never worry about suffering breakage ever again! Acca Kappa is renowned worldwide for making top-quality hairbrushes since 1869.

    Made in Italy.

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