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    How you tame and manage your locks pretty much sums up people's first impression of you. You don't want to face a client at work, or a girl you've had a crush on with messy, tangled, dry tresses, do you? Don't fret! If you have a mane that's hard to manage, then the Acca Kappa Military Style Brush is what you're looking for. Whether your hair is wet or dry, long or short, tangled or smooth, this product is perfect for you!

    The handle is made with East African Kotibe wood for a very classy look and feel. This hairbrush is made with white wild boar bristles, which are softer than the black, but deliver that same healthy, shiny look. The bristles are close together, helping them massage and stimulate the scalp's blood circulation to give you a glossy and smooth hairstyle you've always dreamed of.

    Made in Italy.

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