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    A handshake says everything about a man. You wouldn't want to meet a potential high-valued investor and create a sense of indifference as you shake on a deal. Neither would you want to leave the impression that you don't put effort into yourself, or that you're too rough when holding hands with the girl you like for the very first time. Let them feel your confident yet kind nature with your first touch.

    The Acca Kappa White Moss Hand Cream soothes and protects your skin. It was specifically formulated to be absorbed quickly, leaving no trace of that sticky or greasy feeling left by other creams. This cream is made out of the best, natural ingredients to ensure that even those who are most sensitive and prone to irritation won't be harmed. It has ingredients like allantoin, which helps retain moisture and soothes the hand, and almond oil, which keeps your hands feeling soft and smooth.

    Size 2.5 fl. oz.

    Made in Italy.

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