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    • Beard conditioning balm to banish itch
    • Nourishes skin and adds shine
    • With jojoba oil for softening the hair

    If you're a beard lover, then you need to experience the luxury of Antica Barbieria Colla. You might think a European shave house isn't exactly the habitat for a full-fledged, full-growth gentleman, but you would be wrong. This iconic barbershop in Milan, Italy is focused on all aspects of men's grooming. And the line of products that they are releasing shows the expertise gained from over a hundred years of experience. All their grooming requisites are artisanal and made from recipes handed down from master barber to master barber. Today they reside in the hands of Franco Bompieri, the current owner. If you want to experience a taste of Italy, try Antica Barbieria Colla Beard Conditioning Balm with Jojoba Oil.

    Apply this conditioning balm after showering. It will penetrate those damp bristles to banish that annoying itch (especially during the early growth days). Those tough hairs are also softened with the pure vegetable oil of the jojoba seed. Your face forest becomes easier to comb and manage. It will nourish those strands with necessary proteins for extra shine.

    Antica Barbieria Colla holds fasts to its inviolate values of attention to detail and customer care. That attention even extends to the packaging. This balm comes in a ruby red, aluminum tin with a paper label, elegant and simple.

    Sport the healthiest beard around with Antica Barbieria Colla Beard Conditioning Balm with Jojoba Oil.

    Size: 100ml

    Made in Italy, 100ml

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