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    • Beard oil by Antica Barbieria Colla
    • Proprietary blend to regenerate, moisturize, and restructure
    • Scented with a subtle aroma, great for daily use


    Visiting a prestigious, high-class, European shaving house might not be on your "to do" list if you are a bearded gentleman. But it should be! Just because you embrace the full-growth movement shouldn't mean that you don't groom! And Antica Barbieria Colla experience is the stuff of legends. Opened by Dino Colla in 1904, this barbershop rose to prominence through its show business and international clientele. The values of attention to detail and customer care are still evident today in owner Franco Bompieri. The products they release are natural, proprietary, and luxurious, like this Antica Barbieria Colla Beard Dry Oil, Bitter Orange

    This recipe was handed down to Bompieri over the long history of this Milan icon. If a bearded gentleman sat in a chair at Antica Barbieria Colla this is the beard oil they would use to regenerate, moisturize, and restructure those whiskers. It works into the softest or most bristly strands, providing shine and health. Over time, it strengthens the beard and nourishes the skin beneath for an all around healthier face.

    A few drops applied daily is an indispensable part of your grooming routine. Smooth into your beard and work through to the skin underneath. The bitter orange aroma is subtle enough to not overpower your nose or conflict with other scents you might wish to wear.

    Size: 150ml

    Made in Italy