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    • styling aid for moustaches
    • extra firm hold to showcase your creative abilities
    • Comes in an aluminum tin

    If you are looking for the best hot towel, pampering wet-shave on the planet, then head to Milan and find Via Gerolamo Morone. There you will discover the prestigious and highly acclaimed Antica Barbieria Colla. Since 1904, they have been serving their upscale, famous, and international clientele. But wait, you aren't looking for a shave? Don't worry that have lots of goodness for you as well, like Antica Barbieria Colla Moustache Wax, Extra Firm.

    The only limit is your creativity with this extra firm hold wax - strong enough to fashion the trickiest twirls, but flexibile enough to leave your 'stache soft and touchable. So, embrace "no shave" November and let yourself go.

    Antica Barbieria Colla gives you high quality, consistently good products. The delicate fragrance of this wax is perfect for applying close to your nose. The aluminum tin holds 40ml of styling inspiration. Keep it in your pocket so it is always warm and ready to use, or scoop a small amount out with your fingernail and warm between your palms/fingers before applying to your cookie duster.

    Size: 40ml

    Made in Italy

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