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    • Strong hold moustache wax
    • With beeswax and castor oil
    • Scented with a manly aroma


    Bwaaaah! For the dastardliest, most dramatic 'stache, get the most powerful wax. When you need to twirl those ends and style that lip rug, then you need a great strong holding product. Apothecary 87 has you covered. Starting from one man's desire to create masculine, effective grooming products, Apothecary 87 brings manly scents and accessories to your routine.

    When you want to rock a manly moustache, there is no drooping allowed! This powerful firm hold wax has been developed to hold your style all day. Using beeswax and castor oil, this styling aid will aid in nourishing your cookie duster as well, so over time it will shape more easily. So twirl on!

    Since, your face fur is located so close to your olfactory sense, this wax is scented with a masculine smell. "It should smell like the man you are". To use, just scrap a small bead out of the jar with the back of your nail, then work it between your thumb and forefinger until it starts to soften and melt. Then gently apply to your moustache and style. You can also use a hair dryer to warm it or, even better, slip it into your pocket and let your body heat keep it ready for use.

    Size: 16g

    Made in the UK