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    • Traditional lathering shaving soap
    • Tallow-based
    • Scented with a sweet tobacco aroma

    Chris Bartek is the soapmaker behind Ballenclaugh Soaps out of Wilber, Nebraska. You get small batch soaps from small-town America. While he has pretty much been flying under the radar, he has been offering soaps since about 2013. With its phenomenal ingredients list and resulting lather, it is a great value. Their unique line of scents is both sophisticated, invigorating, and unorthodox all at the same time. West Coast Shaving is excited to be the exclusive retailer for Ballenclaugh.

    This tallow-based soap is easy to load and lather. Loaded with castor oil, palm kernel seed oil, camellia seed oil, soybean oil as well as kokum & cocoa butters, it produces a rich, creamy lather about the volume and consistency of whipped cream. The inclusion of silk fibers and bentonite clay adds surprising slickness for a thick soap. 

    This Honey Tobacco aroma is sure to please, ya'll. Just like sitting on a porch sippin' Kentucky Bourbon, this fragrance is a little sweet, a little strong, a little bit southern. Lather it up and enjoy.

    Size: 5.5oz

    Ingredients: beef tallow, castor oil, palm kernel seed oil, camellia seed oil, kokum butter, cocoa butter, stearic acid, vegetable glycerin, lanolin, real silk fibers, bentonite clay, titanium dioxide, sodium hydroxide/potassium dioxide mixture and fragrance/essential oils 



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