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    • Perfect towel for a hot towel treatment to open pores and soften stubble
    • Perfect size for wrapping the face (half the size of a standard hand towel)
    • Fully machine washable and treated to prevent color run

    Your razor has its blades, your cream has its bowl, your brush has its stand. But what about your face? Now, your face isn't left on its own. Your face has its towel. Get this Barber Pro Barbers Shaving Towel to pamper yourself and complete the perfect shave. In fact, you might need more than one.

    Barber Pro has carefully designed this requisite to meet the needs of wet-shavers. It is thicker than standard towels so it retains moisture and heat better when you are ready to pamper yourself with that hot towel treatments. These are the perfect tool to wrap around your face and open your pores, soften your stubble, and relax your jawline. Just dampen with hot water (or even warm in the microwave). It absorbs steam quickly, while retaining heat and moisture.

    Typically a hand towel is used in shaving, but often there is just too much. So these towels are half the size of a standard hand towel making it easier to wrap the face. And post-shave, it is easier to manage clean up on your vanity and face, too. These 100% cotton, high quality grooming essentials have a loop that feels soft on the skin and is efficient in collecting moisture and product from the skin. This black towel is fully machine washable and treated to prevent color run. Make sure to wash your towel before first use.

    Get one (or two or three) today. Barber Pro Barbers Shaving Towel, Black.

    Size: 1 towel (70cm x 20cm)

    Made in England

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