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    • Perfect black shaving towel, designed specifically for traditional shavers
    • Sized to wrap face and neck but without excess
    • Black, fully machine washable, 100% cotton
    • With WCS logo


    Barber Pro sells exceptional products to make your wet-shaving experience even more epic. And what a coincidence, so does West Coast Shaving! Now we've joined the two to bring you a Barber Pro Barbers Shaving Towel with a WCS logo. Get a great shaving tool and boast a little West Coast pride.

    These exceptional towels were designed specifically with the wet shaver in mind. They are 100% cotton with a wonderful loop for a soft face feel. They are thicker than your average towel so they quickly absorb heat and moisture AND retain it. When you are looking for the ultimate hot towel treatment, this is your essential. Just dampen it with hot water or get a Barber Pro Steamer. Any way you do it the result is an luxurious experience that opens your pores, softens your stubble, and relaxes your jaw line.

    These towels are also half the size of a standard hand towel so they wrap the face much better. They fit perfectly over face and neck without excess material to deal with. They are fully machine washable and treated to prevent the black color from running.

    And we are so excited to have the WCS logo embroidered on each one. So, give a shout out to your favorite place to get all your traditional shaving requisites and so much more, give a shout out to West Coast Shaving: Barber Pro Barbers Shave Towel, Black, WCS Logo.

    Size: 1 towel (70cm x 20cm)

    Made in England

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