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Buy One Get One 20% Off Sitewide Sale! Use Code BOGO20

Barrister and Mann Eau de Toilette, Marilyn

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  • An iconic fragrance to take into your day
  • Simply alcohol and fragrance
  • Scented with a complex, sensual aroma with a masculine bent

Barrister & Mann is legendary in the wet shaving world! Complex, innovative, unique -- the adjectives abound surrounding their fragrance offerings. And this scent, Marilyn, is no exception.

Just simply denatured alcohol and fragrance, this aroma will bring your groom full-circle. After a shave and a splash, take more of this scent into your day with this Eau de Parfum. The longevity is excellent.

Tackling this scent meant delving into the life of an icon. As a seasonal scent for Valentine’s Day, there is hardly anything more fitting than the blonde bombshell herself, the sensual Marilyn Monroe. From her troubled childhood to her rise to mega-stardom, Marilyn Monroe offers a complexity that is reflected in this aroma. Using some of her favorite perfumes as inspiration and tuning them with a bit of a masculine leaning, Barrister and Mann gives us Marilyn. A sprawling tribute in the mold of Golden Age perfumery, it has notes of powder and cedar, herbs and florals, all on a base of desire. 

Size: 30 ml.

Ingredients: Alcohol Denat., Fragrance