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25% Off WCS Shaving Cream & DE Razor Blades Sample Packs!
25% Off WCS Shaving Cream & DE Razor Blades Sample Packs!

Barrister and Mann Hand & Body Soap, The Full Measure of Man

Limited Edition, Seasonal Scent
  • Cleansing bar soap
  • Tallow-based
  • Scented with a perfect Valentine’s day aroma

Every product that Will makes is a treat - well-designed, tested and handcrafted. You know you can get a good shave with Barrister and Mann, but now you can also get nice and squeaky clean.

Will has released a tallow-based bar soap to fight against all sorts of microscopic nasties. It is a simple formula for a simple bar of good ‘ole fashioned soap - dubbed the “yardstick of civilization” by Tyler Durden. It is loaded with moisturizing goodness to prevent the sometimes drying effects of soap.

The Full Measure of a Man scent is released for Valentine’s Day. The time when you want a deep, warm, masculine aroma to take with you into the perfect late winter date night. Notes of tobacco, sandalwood, Mousse de Saxe provide a rich, but non-smoky, olfactory delight. The addition of citrus, vanilla, and resins round out this complex aroma.

Size: 4.25 oz

Ingredients: Tallow (Beef), Water, Coconut Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Castor Oil, Glycerin, Shea Butter, Fragrance (Except Unscented), Vitamin E