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    • Styling aid pomade
    • Water based, medium hold
    • Scented with lavender

    Barrister and Mann is legendary in the wet shaving world! Complex, innovative, unique -- the adjectives abound surrounding their fragrance offerings. And now Will has partnered with Shear Revival to bring you his Reserve fragrances in a pomade!

    This Crystal Lake base is a medium hold pomade with a medium shine that will leave you looking perfectly coiffed.  You can leave the chemicals behind with this all-natural pomade. And even though it is water-based, it doesn't get dry or stiff like a gel. No helmet head or flaking! And the best part is that is washes out with just a shampoo.  

    Combine this fantastic base with Will's Reserve scents and you have a winner. He has resurrected some vintage scents in this line of aromas that will make you feel like a million bucks. This Lavender scent based on a beautiful aftershave from Wales. Reserve Lavender takes the soothing, calming aroma of lavender and weaves it into this pomade. Not sweet or cloying but natural and light. One reviewer said, "what I imagine French royalty would wear in the times of King Louis XIV."

    Size: 2 oz

    Made in the USA

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