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    • Artisan, tallow-based shaving soap for the economically conscious
    • With argan oil, shea butter, and gylcerin
    • Scented with the aroma of a walk in the northern forests: balsam, pine, & cedar


    Barrister & Mann started as a one-man-show out of Boston, MA. Through trial & error, founder Will Carius found the shaving soap he needed for his sensitive skin. Add to that the desire to "push the envelope of fragrance creation" and you have an artisan soap maker who is topping the list of "Who's who" in the wet shaving world. With his Latha line, you also get a wallet-friendly option. Try Barrister & Mann Latha Shaving Soap, Taiga and see why everyone is talking.

    This shaving requisite is a tallow-based soap that whips up a rich, slick lather. With glycerin, you get the lubrication you need. With argan oil and shea butter, you get hydration and skin nourishment. And if you have a hard time with soaps because of a hard water issue, you can rest easy with this one because of the sodium citrate. The tub is hot-filled with 4 oz. of soap for many great shaves. Every effort is made to source ingredients and packaging locally.

    This Latha (can't you just hear a New Jersey man proclaiming about the "latha" on his brush) line was born when Will's 50s minded father helped create an economical line of soaps. Originally in only one scent, the line has expanded to include other fragrances. For this scent, you get the invigorating aroma of a walk in the northern hinterlands. Taiga (Russian for forest) is the earth's largest biome and stretches across Eurasia and North American. Known as the needleleaf forest, you can imagine why the notes of balsam, pine, and cedar headline this grooming aid. Sweet, fresh, and balsamic (not musty), this is like a freshly cut pine bough.

    NOTE: Latha Taiga contains Virginia cedar oil. If you have an allergy to cedar or juniper, please pick a different soap.

    Size: 4oz.

    Made in the USA

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