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    • Artisan shaving soap
    • Glissant formula for amazing lather
    • Scented with jasmine & apricot

    Sinfonia is a seasonal scent for February 2018 with a limited production.

    Will Carius launched Barrister and Mann in 2013 out of his tiny apartment in Boston, MA. Inspired to try traditional shaving because of his extremely sensitive skin, he soon found a following for his wonderful soaps and fantastic fragrances. And now he has upped his game yet again with a reformulated Glissant base that lathers even better (is it possible?). And, of course, new scents to keep you coming back for more. Try Barrister and Mann Shaving Soap, Sinfonia.

    Like all Barrister and Mann soaps, this whips up a creamy, dreamy, dense, protective lather. Not content to rest on his laurels, Will has continued to innovate and this formula was worth waiting for. It is loaded with skin-nurturing ingredients to bring you an exceptional shave. Whether you lather by face or by mug, this thirsty soap will give you fabulous protection, lubrication, and post-shave effects.

    For 2018, Will has created a fruity, floral scent. Like a symphony of aromas, this pleasing fragrance will help you usher in the coming days of blossoms blooming and warm breezes. Notes of jasmine (it's heady aroma rolls off the French hills as the flowers open to the air) and apricot (a juicy delicacy that lightens the richness of the jasmine) blend in this ethereal aroma, aptly names Sinfonia (Italian for symphony). Says B&M, "Perfect for date night, a lazy brunch, or just a beautifully sunny day."

    Size: 4oz

    Made in the USA

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