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    There's nothing quite as nice for starting off your busy day as a rejuvenating shower and nothing as soothing at the end of the day as a long, relaxing soak. Whether you're trying to get up and run or working on a bit of relaxation, do it with our generously proportioned large Baudelaire Bath Sponge.

    Each of our sponges are harvested carefully from the Gulf of Mexico by family members who have operated a small company for five generations. You'll never experience bathing and shower accessories that come even close to this level of luxury. For thousands of years, products like these have been in use - in fact, the Romans enjoyed them. So get in the tub, add some nice oil or bubbles, and just soothe away your cares.

    Gentlemen, don't be selfish - let the women in your life in on this terrific item. Maybe buy some as gifts, and let them see what it's all about. In fact, this luxurious item comes boxed for easy wrapping!

    Size: approximately 5.5 in.

    Made in France/USA

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