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    Five generations of workers have operated a small company in the Gulf of Mexico, harvesting these outstanding bath sponges ' think about it... they've been in business for almost a hundred years! How many similar products have that kind of longevity today?

    Truthfully, not too many. Real quality stands the test of time. In fact, this type of bath sponge goes back even further ' this is the same kind that was used by the ancient Romans. You know, the people who practically invented decadence? Listen, say what you like about the Caesars, they knew about luxury! Here's a secret ' Nero wasn't really fiddling while Rome burned; he was in the shower with one of these outstanding sponges. Can't blame the guy!

    You can use this to lather up or apply soothing, smoothing bath oil. Baudelaire Bath Sponge, Large is perfect in the tub or the shower, and you'll appreciate its generous proportions. Treat yourself every day, because if anyone deserves it, it's you!

    Size: approximately 5.5 in

    Made in France/USA.