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    You want to make sure that you cleanse properly, whether it's your face or your body; and realistically, just using your hands and a bar of soap isn't going to get the job done all that effectively, and most washing cloths that you buy don't have all that pleasing feel. Why not try something a little different and spoil yourself with the purchase of our hemp wash mitt, made in Transylvania from all-natural hemp that's grown on family farms and woven in the tradition of Romanian villagers?

    The hand-processed thread is spun and then woven by hand on authentic looms. You'll find that this Baudelaire Hemp Wash Mitt just gets better and better as time goes on, as the natural fibers swell and then soften. Your face and body will thank you for this delicious pampering! Why not buy a few to share with family and friends? It's not just for the guys ' women will love it too!

    Size: 8.5' x 6.25'

    Made in Transylvania.