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    Deodorant is great, but some of the store brands have some ingredients that people object to, and for good reason. If you want something that can hold up all day and that doesn't contain aluminum or alcohol, Baxter or California Deodorant, Citrus & Musk, could be just the thing.

    Why it Works

    A lot of cheap options have alcohol, which is very drying, and aluminum, which some people just don't want on their skin. Baxter of California Deodorant, Citrus & Musk doesn't have those and works differently.

    Rather than just trying to mask your natural odor, this blend was designed to complement it. It contains Comfrey Root Extract, Chamomile, Yarrow and Acai Extract, as well as calming Tea Tree oil. The blend is quite complex, and there are other ingredients in there, as well, to a lesser extent, that provide an effective solution to underarm odor.

    Fresh but Not Harsh

    The most noticeable difference between using good deodorant and the cheap stuff is that you smell good, but not like a box of soap. Believe it or not, a bit of your natural scent is a good thing, and products without alcohol and aluminum are more natural alternatives to the usual options you're used to.

    Comfrey root extract, tea tree oil, chamomile, arrow, acai extract, and other botanicals.

    Size: 75g

    Made in the USA.

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