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    • Hair clippings catcher
    • White with black trim and logo
    • One size fits all

    This is one of those products that you didn't know you needed! Well, you Beard lovers need it. Beard King has created a clippings catcher to make your grooming routine no muss, no fuss. If you (or your significant other) find your bathroom vanity speckled with little tiny hairs every time you trim, then you must have Beard King Beard Bib, white.

    This ingenious hair catcher has all the features you might have expected -- and even a number you didn't. It looks like a barber's apron as you unfold it from the self-packing pouch. A quick snap around your neck and you are almost ready to clip those hairs. But wait, grab the suction cups on the end and adhere them to the mirror in front of you, flipping the lever to lock them in place. Now the "apron" drapes in front of you ready to catch those wayward whiskers. When you are finished, simply fold the clippings into the bib and shake out over the trash can. Fold back into the pouch for storage.

    But what if you get interrupted during your routine, aren't you stuck to a mirror? Nope, the good people at Beard King thought of that, too. Take the bib off your neck and hook onto the lock clips on the suction cups on the mirror and you can step away until ready to resume your groom.

    This white bib is emblazoned with Beard King logo. Because when you "fear the beard, not the mess" you truly are the king of beards. Also available in black.

    Size: One size fits all

    Made in the USA

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