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    • Top-of-the-line straight razor shaving set
    • 3 Items: razor, strop, and stand
    • Razor comes shave-ready

    You've done your homework, watched the tutorials, shaved the balloon, pinched your pennies and you're ready to take the plunge into the world of "cut throat" shaving. Let us give you a hand. At West Coast Shaving, we've done our homework, too, and we've scoured our shelves to bring you premium products packaged to get you shaving in no time. Get started with steel, leather, and chrome - the Best of Enough Premium Straight Razor Set.

    • Dovo Bergischer Lowe Buffalo Horn 5/8" Straight Razor - Pause. Just take a moment to drink in this razor. The full hollow carbon steel blade is fantastically finished in gold etching on face and spine. It is mirror polished with a sculpted spine and Spanish point. The scales are natural buffalo horn so each razor is unique. One-of-a-kind razor for a one-of-a-kind gentleman.
    • Dovo "Col Ichibod Conk" 183 Russian Leather Straight Razor Strop - A blade that wonderful deserves to be treated right. So we are including a wonderful Russian leather strop in this trio. Russian leather has a velvety smoothness to pamper your blade. This strop also includes a linen prep side as well. It has a padded handle for comfort and nickel-plated swivel hardware for ease in use.
    • West Coast Shaving 302 Straight Razor Stand, Chrome - Speaking of treating your blade right, maintenance of a straight blade must be taken seriously. So after each use make sure to rinse it and dry it thorough. And then treat it to this chrome-plated stand from West Coast Shaving. It is perfect for displaying your prized straight.

    When you are getting enough to do the job, make sure it is the best! Get Best of Enough Premium Straight Razor Set.

    Most straight razors are not pre-sharpened from the factory. All of our straight razors are honed by our honemeister and delivered to you shave ready.

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